Brew Dog: A Case Study in Beer & Branding

The craft beer revolution is well underway, and documented, in this country and it’s now at the stage where I find myself disappointed if a bar doesn’t have at least one option on draught that isn’t a Diageo or Heineken product. I don’t recall my first taste of BrewDog’s Punk […]


#WestJet: Airline Reads Mean Tweets

A colleague sent a video of WestJet staff reading tweets a while back and am only getting around to writing about it now. The concept? WestJetters, or WestJet staff to you and I, reading out, for the most part, less than complimentary tweets that contained the hashtag #WestJet. Even WestJet CEO […]

The Most Annoying Twitter Habits

Social media is full of annoying habits and it’s no surprise really as let’s face it, people are annoying. There are numerous blog posts, articles and lists about stupid Facebook status updates, examples of condescending brand posts and Twitter faux pas. So here’s my top hates on Twitter, and misanthropist rant […]



A KISS for Social Media

I remember the formative years of my short-lived rugby career running around in an ill-fitting rugby jersey while knocking the ball on numerous times as a kid. I also remember one piece of advice dished out by the coaches being K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid. Why the need for […]

Biggest Irish Sports Stars on Twitter in 2013

Around this time of the year for the last two years I have been compiling the top Irish sports stars on Twitter in terms of the number of followers across the most popular sports including rugby, gaelic games, soccer, golf and athletics. By top I mean those who play at […]

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A Year in the Life of Irish Social Media

It’s that time of the year when every media outlet reviews the year gone by and we are reminded of everything from the main political and sporting stories to natural disasters to the down right odd. Naturally Twitter has provided us with it’s own set of highlights and here are just […]

No Memes Please. Unless You Want To Pay For Them.

At the beginning of this month Facebook announced two big changes; What appears in users’ News Feeds and page owners increasingly having to pay to get their content noticed. First up was Facebook’s attack on memes by announcing a change to its algorithm which will mean more news stories appearing […]



Infographic of the Day: News in the News Feed

We hear how social media is playing a big part in the fragmentation of news consumption however new research shows that social media channels aren’t where the majority of people are purposely going to get their news. A survey conducted by the Pew Research Center found that overall, about half of […]

Getting it Wrong with Social Media Champions

I am very thankful for the social media experience I was able  to gain when I worked as the social media manager for a charity in a volunteer capacity. (If you are looking for ways to gain social media experience such as working in a charity read my blog post […]


To Meme or Not to Meme

Last year I went along to Techspectations in DCU where Darragh Doyle entertained the assembled students, along with a smattering of professionals, with an assortment of funny and cute images. Boo the dog never fails to generate a collective ‘Awwww’. I was briefly at the event again a few weeks […]